Popular @ Clementi Mall

Hi Readers,

If you are staying in Singapore, and want to have a good shopping experience, read the below and find out!

This is a post for Popular @ Clementi Mall

I’m taking this time to write, as i want to thanks Jenny for assisting on my queries and for her guidance and good customer service. She’s very friendly as well. A great staff that you want to cherish.

Secondly i have to write to thank Susan and Puiyoke for their excellent customer service and assisting me as i dropped by today evening (28-Aug-18) for shopping.

If you are nearby Clementi, don’t hesitate to drop by Popular @ Clementi Mall, it’s just on the 5th floor! 🙂

Well trained Staffs, friendly, professional


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LiHo Bugis+ Mass Order

Photo: @keichen92 (Instagram)
Took only 2 of them :3

Hi Readers,

I’m taking this time to write and share my experience for my order on 8th August’18 during my visit at LiHo Bugis+ branch.

My colleague and i visited the branch and i have like 11+ drink orders, with different sugar level, ice, drinks, and pearls.

Li Xuan handled very well on the long order, friendly and professional despite the long order, keep up the good work! Also she coordinated very well with the team and barista! Well done!

So now you guys know, if you guys like LiHo and nearby bugis, don’t hesitate to visit Bugis+ branch! ^^

Cheers & LIHO!!

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Dr. Teo Wan Lin – TWL Specialist Skin & Laser Centre


Hi Readers, this post is to give you direction and where to go to, if you having Acne, Blackheads, Whiteheads and other skin conditions, i recommend you going to TWL Specialist Skin & Laser Centre.

I’m taking this time writing this review to thank Dr Teo Wan Lin. I’m thankful for the advices given by her during the consultation, as she will ensures that you understand what is the treatment about and gives you information for your well being towards better results. Very professional, friendly, and helpful. Secondly i like to thank her assistant Cheryl for being friendly, and professional throughout the session. Lastly i want to say thanks counter staff, Stella for giving and writing details for my medicines whether its day or night medicine, it’s very helpful. Overall 10/10 experience at TWL Specialist Skin and Laser Centre.

So guys, you now know who to look for yeah!


Photos: Kei Chen / @keichen92 (instagram)

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Teriyaki Salmon for Dinner

Good Evening all, yes I’m on healthy diet streak, this is my first week and it’s already the weekend, meaning 7th day success of healthy food

Today I’m sharing of my dinner which is Teriyaki Salmon

Why did i choose this? It’s because i enjoy salmon, it is packed with omega-3 fatty acids which brings big health benefits! Salmon is loaded with protein and the two omega 3s — DHA and EPA — that helps with brain, nerve and eye development.

Also for you to know, when you need some energy, don’t hesitate and get teriyaki, it converts the food you eat into energy.

Cheers for Salmon!

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Father’s Day gift by my Daughter Valencia and New Creation Church!!


So happy to have received this beautiful and cute stuff from my daughter valencia ^^


And New Creation Church is so generous celebrate and to give Fathers in the house this gifts! Not just that but also prayers to bless the Fathers!


So Blessed!


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Harajuku Fashion by †Wei Wen† 邓玮文

“Wear whatever you feel look best on you, no matter what others think”

  • Model: @7haii (Instagram)
  • Photographer: @keichen92 (Instagram)
  • Location: Singapore

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📸 : @KeiChen92
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My stop at ONE 2 ONE


Hi Readers,
Today I’m sharing of my experience of my stop at ONE 2 ONE which is located at Sunshine Plaza, level 1.

My friend and i went to ONE 2 ONE, didn’t planned but passed by this shop at sunshine plaza during lunch, Mr James & Ms Jane is very friendly to welcome us to try their signature drink, Golden Oolong Tea, saying it’s anti dillute 100% guaranteed, and if drink halfway and found their oolong tea is dilluted just bring it back and they will refund. So basically i had it with me for like 2 ~ 3 hours and it’s not even dilluted. They use very little ice to ensure your payment to this drink is 100% worth it. My friend and I bought their signature drink, Golden Oolong Tea $3.50, upsize to Large $1.50, add white pearl $0.70. Total cost $5.70, i find this place is a MUST TRY! You won’t regret 🙂 keep up the good drinks and customer services James & Jane!

Want Quality Oolong Tea?
Hop there and try their Signature Drink which i recommend yeah 😉

If you don’t want to wait and queue long, I suggest to avoid timing near to 1pm due to crowd and students around this place

And tell me here whether how was the drink or your experience there!


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Mother’s Day Gift by New Creation Church @Singapore

Dear Readers,

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers!

New Creation Church is so generous to give this gift to all Mothers who attended church today at any of their venues!!

What an amazing thought and generosity

I shot some of the pictures, you can see it below 🙂


📸 : @KeiChen92
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Himiko Toga [Boku no Hero Academia] by [ ルナ ] Runa

“It’s hard to live! I want the world to become an easier place to live! I wanna be Mr. Stainy! I wanna kill Mr. Stainy! So lemme join you, Tomura!”

  • Character: Himiko Toga
  • Anime: Boku no Hero Academia
  • Cosplayer: @1cedmilktea (Instagram)
  • Photographer: @keichen92 (Instagram)
  • Location: Singapore

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📸 : @KeiChen92
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Starbucks @ CityLink (Singapore)

😠 👎[Review: 1 out of 5 stars] Starbucks CityLink

Hi guys, I’m a starbucks lover for many years but today i encountered a very bad or worst service ever at Starbucks – CityLink (Singapore).

I have been purchasing starbucks for many years and from so many branches here in SG, all customer service is good and friendly except for Starbucks @ CityLink #B1-15/17.

This evening my Family and I visited this branch, i went to the counter for order, Guy Staff named Ash asked for my order, as i ordered Midnight Mint Mocha Frappe, i mentioned x 2 of this drink, the cashier named Ash just walked off, and no response/acknowledge to my order.

Mentioned to Ash, I’m using some AIA, i scanned 3 times and pass my starbucks gold card, he said no need card.

So after i waited, Jojo had done the drink Midnight Mint Mocha Frappe but was only 1 drink and not 2.

After Jojo checked, they realized they keyed in only 1 drink and they made me scanned AIA again and i paid for the balance via card.

– All these trouble wouldn’t had occurred should the Guy Staff (Ash) actually listened to my order and not just walk off after asking my order.

– So i noticed there no chocolate powder added on top of the Midnight Mint Mocha Frappe, and i told Jojo and i asked if i can have the chocolate powder and i will add it myself. Now she added the chocolate too much instead, while adding coco on top, Ash and her was just looking at each other and sarcastic smile, as i was just there waiting, so it was obvious to me.

1 star was given as the place is considered clean.

Upon looking at the SHITTY Drink i was served with and i tried to drink the 1st sip, it was so dry despite i had shaked the drink, the coco was just overly added! I can’t even take another sip anymore after that awful taste.

• I’m the type of person that doesn’t like to waste food or drinks, and this is the first Starbucks Drink i ever wasted or not drinking after the 1st Sip!

I’m usually giving good feedbacks to companies and restaurants for good services however i could not take this lying and not give this feedback to Starbucks today.

And this is the SHITTY and Overly Added Coco.


• I’m not afraid to say names although they know who i am since i used my card, more importantly I’m not sure if there were more victims or experiences did to others except myself. I’ve been in customer service line for many years and this is the worst way you could ever treat your customer with order taking, service and preparation of drinks.

Cashier Name: Ash
Barista: Jojo

> Starbucks, please train your barista and cashier well.

I will only avoid going to this Starbucks@CityLink from today forth.


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