With Love… by Franck Pelletier (France)

A monumental bright red inflatable heart is installed in the heart of the town, in the heart of the night. This heart beats in unison with the pulse of the city, casting heart-shaped red sheen on the facade of The Fullerton Hotel Singapore.
“With Love…” shows us the heartbeat of Singapore, What’s yours?
🎀 Artwork: With Love…
🎀 Producer: Franck Pelletier (France)
🎀 Videographer: @keichen92
🎀 Location: Singapore
🎀 Co-created: Martin
📸 : @KeiChen92 (Instagram)
No watermark for viewers delight😻
However please credit & tag me if you repost or use this image©
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: : : Email: keichen92@gmail.com : : :
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