My stop at ONE 2 ONE


Hi Readers,
Today I’m sharing of my experience of my stop at ONE 2 ONE which is located at Sunshine Plaza, level 1.

My friend and i went to ONE 2 ONE, didn’t planned but passed by this shop at sunshine plaza during lunch, Mr James & Ms Jane is very friendly to welcome us to try their signature drink, Golden Oolong Tea, saying it’s anti dillute 100% guaranteed, and if drink halfway and found their oolong tea is dilluted just bring it back and they will refund. So basically i had it with me for like 2 ~ 3 hours and it’s not even dilluted. They use very little ice to ensure your payment to this drink is 100% worth it. My friend and I bought their signature drink, Golden Oolong Tea $3.50, upsize to Large $1.50, add white pearl $0.70. Total cost $5.70, i find this place is a MUST TRY! You won’t regret 🙂 keep up the good drinks and customer services James & Jane!

Want Quality Oolong Tea?
Hop there and try their Signature Drink which i recommend yeah 😉

If you don’t want to wait and queue long, I suggest to avoid timing near to 1pm due to crowd and students around this place

And tell me here whether how was the drink or your experience there!


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