Kei Photography Services

Hi I’m Kei, currently based at Singapore, providing from photoshoot, editing, managing and performing post-production on the images.

I believe in Quality over Quantity, one of the things that amazes me in Photography is that Camera can see what human eyes could not, this is very fascinating to me.

My works are currently focused on Cosplay, Fashion, Portrait, Model, Product Photography

No one is perfect and flawless in this world, everyone has a flaw, we just have to find the right angle, pose, dressing for individuals. Believe that my works can beautify and make your product, fashion, cosplay, portrait or model photography to outshine in the industry.

For Query/Booking,
*Saturday Bookings only available.

Rates as per below:
$25 Per Image (Minimum 2 Images)
🎁 Promotion Now! $10

Clients will receive both raw and post images to their delight.

No watermark on the image/video for clients to have a better viewers experience.

VIP Clients (regular clients) gets 10% OFF for future Kei Photography Services after the first photography service.

If you like my work, tip me coffee 🙂

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